Seth Creekmore: Dirt

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“My name is Seth Creekmore and I am 26. I live in Goshen Indiana, I play music, I help run a coffee shop, and I love life.” Seth seems like an old soul and when he speaks it is worth listening to. We had a blast with this shoot as we ran around to different locations of an old, grungy building. So far, all of our shoots have been restricted to one room. So you can imagine how we felt when we walked into not only a building with multiple rooms, but a room, literally filled, with worn-out, stunning pianos.
“The First instrument that I learned was piano. I took classical piano for eight years, and hated everything about it, and now I regret stopping. Then, I picked up guitar around the age of 12 or 13, something like that. I took lessons for awhile and then started teaching myself. [From there] I went to a college in Memphis for a year. So, I have been playing the guitar for 13+ years. I think that I’ve always wanted to play guitar. I guess, just from the cool factor. Guitar was a lot easier to wrap my head around because you pretty much just had to focus on one hand. I would definitely consider my guitar [my main instrument], just because I have spent the most time on it and I feel like I can speak through it a little more than other instruments.” Seth still does play piano.

“I grew up a quiet kid. I still struggle with words at times. The biggest thing [that kept me playing over the years] was that when music became a part of my life it was another set of vocabulary that I felt like I could communicate a whole lot better with. I could express the difficult emotions or change the way a particular room felt just by a couple notes. I think that it was the power of music that I felt every time in the room, and the rush of endorphins when I hit that right note. I don’t think that I’ve ever put the guitar down [since I felt this way]. I have had periods of time where I definitely plateaued and felt like I didn’t know how to improve. But then there is a whole nother level of work to get past that plateau. Sometimes pushing that plateau means that you go into a territory that isn’t quite what you are wanting out of it. For a period of time I was trying to be a crazy shredder and just melt some faces. What I found is that I got more enjoyment out of picking the right three notes to string together to encapsulate this perfect picture and emotion. There’s a time to have a little flashy riff here and there.”

“Music is a language to me and the grammar isn’t always necessary. It’s a way that we construct things, but I think that, for the most part, music is a story and we use instead to communicate whatever it is that we need to communicate in that moment. Music is a place of refuge for me, I would say. I am not good with big groups of people in a social situation. But if you put me on stage, in front of thousands of people, I don’t even see them, because I’m in my own little music world.”

“The album [that I am releasing] is called Dirt. [It] kind of deals with crappy circumstances in life, but also, it’s this concept of moving from a place of denial to a place of darkness, [then] to a place of acceptance of the darkness. In that place, that’s where hope is found. That is where you can move past and move beyond. Really, in regards to the music, what I want my audience to experience is almost transportation into a place of rest or a place of quiet. There’s already too much stimulation. We need more music, we need more times where it quiets our soul. It brings us to peace, into rest and into inspiration.”
This is Seth’s first CD. “I’ve played in churches… [since] my Junior year of high school. My first public show was when I was a Senior. When I really started playing out more was when I went with a buddy to China and did some shows over there. I really caught the bug of communicating and playing to a larger audience… that’s how I started playing live shows. My own stuff has really just been a recent phenomenon. I guess that I have never been a huge word person. So writing lyrics has always been a struggle, where music kind of flows really easily. Recording music is a way for me to compose my thoughts. I have a lot of ideas up there, but I can’t really get them into the full perspective… I can’t play every instrument at the same time. I guess that I’m a little odd and I don’t really care if anyone listens to it… As long as I like it and I’m proud of it, [then] I’m ready to move onto the next project. I hope people enjoy it. I hope things go well with it, but at the same time, I am like ‘yea, I did that, now moving on [to the next project].’”

“I would say that the first break though in a song, that I have thought ‘this actually is kind of good,’ is I believe going to be the first or second song on the album called Midnight Wishes. That was only like two and a half years ago. I did some writing before then, but I wasn’t a fan of what was coming out. It was a particular style, like more bluesy, Jack Johnson(y). I like that stuff, but that’s not me. Midnight Wishes was the first song I wrote that I liked… [and] was like ‘hmm that’s it.’ That’s the sound I was going for.’”

“This whole album thing, the singer/songwriter Seth, has kind of been an experiment of sorts. Is this the route that I want to go? I think that my next project is going to be more instrumental. I want to see what I can do in the composing realm. I have several friends who are filmmakers and they have sent me a couple of their films, that eventually, I want to try and put some music to. Painting pictures with my music is super important [to me].” Seth has an album that he has recently recorded. He is planning on releasing it early fall.

“Success: that is something that I have been processing. I have people come up [to me] all the time after a show and say ‘such a great solo’ or ‘I really like your voice’ or ‘I really like this song.’ As much as I appreciate those, the ones that are really meaningful are the people that come up and tell me about their experience with my song. I could care less if I am in the picture or not. Tell me what the music and lyrics did for you. Did it transport you to another place? The biggest compliment that I receive is when I was in music college. I finished an instrumental piece and this hardcore metal-head told me: ‘I didn’t even realize it, but your music took me to my grandma’s garden when I was a kid. It brought me some fond memories. [When] the music stopped and I was transported back here, I didn’t even know that I left.’ That’s what I want to do. Music has that power to take you somewhere. That is success to me, to take you somewhere.”
“I think that [failure] is the other side of the coin of success. In every failure, there’s a lesson or something else to be seen and heard. I guess failure could be that I don’t sell any records. Failure, to me, is giving up on my dream of creating.“

Seth’s album is due to release early this fall. It was an honor getting to sit down with him and hear his thoughts about music and get an insight into what he is going after in life right now. Make sure that you keep an eye out for his music. If all of it is anything like the song he shared with us, I imagine that it will do what the artist intended and transport listeners to places of peace.

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